8 Amazing Facts about the Netherlands you Probably haven’t heard of Before

The Dutch culture could sometimes appear a bit strange to you, because you are probably not used to all the habits of the Dutchies. Don’t worry, because as soon as you recognize some of these habits, you will discover that they are actually fun (and sometimes make sense).

In this article we have summed up the 8 most amazing facts about the Netherlands you Probably haven’t heard of Before.

1. Dutchies are the largest consumers of licorice in the world

The whole population eats more than 32 million kilos per year of this chewy black stuff called “drop”.

2. On the 5th of December the Dutch celebrate a winter holiday named “Sinterklaas”

This holiday is centered around St. Nicholas, the same figure around whom the holiday of Christmas is based. Make sure to eat lots of “pepernoten” (small Speculoos bites), “chocolade letters” (letters made out of chocolate) and “gevuld speculaas” (speculoos filled with almond paste).

3. In Lisse you find the largest flower garden of the world called “De Keukenhof”

In the gardens you can see more than 800 different tulips. A must visit in spring! When are you going to plan your visit to see all these tulips?

4. Spring officially has sprung when women can wear skirts again on Rokjesdag (skirt day).

Every year in the early spring, the Dutch decide when Rokjesdag will take place. This is always on one of the first days in spring when it actually feels warm outside (around 20 degrees). On this day, women will start showing off their bare legs by wearing skirts.

5. The Dutch say hello to each other with three kisses on the cheek

This is an informal way of greeting each other. Friends mostly give a hug and/or one kiss on the cheek.

6. French fries are always served with mayonnaise

The Dutch love to put a lot of sauce on their French fries, preferably a mix of different sauces. The most common mixes of sauces are mayonnaise, peanut sauce and onions (known as “patatje oorlog”) or mayonnaise, ketchup and onion (known as “patatje speciaal”).

7. Dutch men are the tallest men in the world

Ladies, do we need to say more?

8. The Dutch have the lowest incidence of lactose intolerance

An actual reason why they eat lots and lots of cheese.