Emergency Phone Numbers

The most important number to remember in case of an emergency is 112. This number can be called for free in any kind of emergency (for example when need the police, fire department or an ambulance). It can be compared to 911 in the USA. The call will be answered by a special callcenter, they speak English.

Fun to know: The Netherlands has over 4,000 air raid sirens placed around the country, which can be used in case of a (national) emergency. Every first Monday of the month these sirens are tested, so don’t be startled if you here them.

Emergency Services & contact information



Police, Ambulance, Fire (Emergency) Tel: 112
National Police (non-emergency) Tel: 0900 8844
Outage Gas, Electricity Tel: 0800 9009
Sea Rescue / Coast Guard (Kustwacht) Tel: 0900 0111
Tourist Medical Service Amsterdam (TMS) Tel: 020 592 3355
Breakdown Service (Car) (ANWB) Tel: 088 2692 888
Animal Ambulance Tel: 0900 0245
Website (in Dutch)

Other Useful Numbers

Service Telephone
Directory Enquiries National Tel: 0900 8008
Directory Enquiries International Tel: 0900 8418
Public Transportion Information Tel: 0900 9292
Crime line – M: to report crime anonymously (in Dutch: Meld Misdaad Anoniem). Tel: 0800 7000