Utrecht’s City Center

Utrecht’s ancient city centre features many buildings and structures several dating as far back as the High Middle Ages. It has been the religious center of the Netherlands since the 8th century. It lost the status of prince-bishopric but remains the main religious…

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Museums in Utrecht

Most museums are situated in the “Museum Quarter” at 10 minutes walking distance from Central Station. Centraal Museum, Nicolaaskerkhof 10. 11-17, closed on mondays. The oldest municipal museum in the Netherlands. It has a large art collection including the world’s largest collection of…

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Architecture in Utrecht

The defining building of Utrecht is the 13th century Domchurch, part of a larger cathedral which was partially destroyed by a severe storm while under construction. The main tower is the highest building in the city by municipal mandate. De…

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Architecture in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has one of the most extensive historic city centres in Europe, with about 7,000 registered historic buildings. The street pattern has been largely unchanged since the 19th century — there was no major bombing during World War II. The centre consists…

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Amsterdam’s Churches and Synagogues

Since the Middle Ages and throughout the 17th century, the Netherlands was a country with a relatively high degree of freedom and tolerance towards other religions and cultures, especially compared to other countries in Europe. Between 1590 and 1800, the…

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