Top 5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Utrecht

Looking for a vegetarian (or even Vegan) friendly restaurant in Utrecht? Look no further! I selected my personal Top 5 for you – including Vietnamese, Lebanese and Dutch cuisine. So, let the vegetarian feast begin!

1. Kimmade Vietnamese Street Food

The Vietnamese cuisine is known as one of the world’s healthiest kitchen. Fresh ingredients, a minimal use of oil and a wide range of herbs & spices – Vietnamese food is a must try for everyone! Kimmade is famous for many things: fresh spring rolls, Pho or Vietnamese style pancakes. however, I personally can only recommend to try their sandwiches. They are out of this world!

Address: Mariastraat 2, Utrecht | Website

2. Gys

Looking for a hip, energetic vibe? Then head to GYS! With tons of vegan and vegetarian options, there’s no way you’ll be leaving hungry. Each location has its own menu, so there’s more to try – like vegan brownies & carrot cake, beetroot burgers, veggie Caesar salad, vegan BLT sandwich, or the traditional Dutch dish ‘Stamppot’.

Address: Voorstraat 77, Utrecht | Website

3. SLA

Vegetarian restaurants Utrecht Sla

Mexican tempeh bowl

With a seasonally changing menu, you can always count on something fun & new to try at SLA – ranging from Mexican tempeh bowl, hummus & avocado bowl or Italian buffalo mozzarella bowl. But not only the food itself but also the interior will make you feel energised and happy. SLA has multiple locations throughout whole Utrecht.

Address: Voorstraat 52, Utrecht | Website

4. Comptoir Libanais

The food at Comptoir is fresh, healthy, tasty and affordable. What else could you possibly ask for? Located in the new food court of Hoog Catharijne, Comptoir Libanais brings a taste of the Middle East to Utrecht. The menu ranges from homemade hummus, falafels, flatbread and wraps up to Baklava and mango cheesecake. It’s the perfect place to escape the grey Dutch days!

Address: Catharijne Esplanade 49, Utrecht | Website

5. Frietwinkel

I promised you some Dutch cuisine and here we go…FRIES! But the fries at the Frietwinkel aren’t just any fires. They are – by far – the best fries you will ever try in your whole life. Promise! Make sure to try the typical Dutch combination of ‘Friet met satésaus’ – Fries with peanut sauce. It’s gross but still kinda satisfying…

Address: Vinkenburgstraat 10, Utrecht | Website