Top 5 Best Things To Do in Volendam

Volendam is a great old fishing village that has several top Volendam must do’s. This is a popular spot as many travelers from Amsterdam come out for the day. Some of the main attractions are seeing the traditional wooden Dutch houses. Many of local people still wear traditional clothing to work which is a major draw.

1. Explore Volendam Museum

Stop in at the museum near the center of the old quarter. Inside are many exhibits on national dress, the nearby international artist’s colony, the fishing industry, home crafts and other revolving exhibits. The area has been populated since 1462 and the museum explores this history. Next door is a cigar band house that has more than 11 million cigar bands and a walk in Picture Theater.

2. Visit Eel Sound Museum

The Eel Sound Museum, or Palingsound Museum, is found in a smoke house and contains a history of the bands that started in the city. You will find everything you could possibly want to know about music in the city over the last 100 years. The name is not taken from the music industry but from the town’s fishing industry. At the museum you can also take a tour of the smoke house.

3. Observe Fishing Boats

You should not miss seeing the 2 fishing boats maintained for preservation of the Zuyder Zee culture. The flat bottom fishing boats are the VD84 and the VD172, also called kwaks. These boats are very typical of the ones used in the area. A third us currently being renovated and is dedicated to maintaining these pieces of history.

4. Enjoy the Fish Auction and Reformed Church

A great building to visit is the Fish Auction. This is a monument that is completely made of timber and is a rare building. The Auction was finished in 1934 and uses a rectangular floor plan, with an attic. The outer walls use tongue and groove construction with a gabled roof.

Another building that deserves a visit is the Reformed Church which was finished in 1658. This structure is on a stone foundation and is almost square. It has several features that are reminiscent of the local farmhouses though it is topped with a small bell tower.

5. Walking the Beach

The beach should not be missed as there are plenty of opportunities to tour the coast by boat. This is also the spot to view the locals in traditional garb or simply stroll along the coast at any time of day or night. Lining the beach are plenty of stores, pubs and restaurants and there are many historic monuments and sculptures along the waterfront.